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ETABS 2015 is the most sophisticated and technologically-advanced software product available to structural engineers today. It defines the future of building design software, setting the stage for unsurpassed capability and efficiency worldwide.


Introducing Automation of Performance-Based Design

Performance Based Design (PBD) is a major shift from traditional structural design concepts and represents the future of earthquake engineering. These new procedures help assure that the design will reliably meet a desired level of performance during a given earthquake.

The fundamental component of PBD is nonlinear dynamic analysis where an attempt is made to capture the real behavior of the structure by explicitly modeling and evaluating post-yield ductility and energy dissipation when subjected to earthquake ground motions. ETABS 2015 introduces new special purpose options and algorithms for the practical and efficient application of these procedures.

  • Automated PBD hinges and procedures based upon ASCE 41-13
  • Stable and Fast Nonlinear Analysis (FNA) implemented for PBD
  • Steel and concrete fiber models for shear walls and columns
  • Automated Nonlinear hinges in shear walls based upon user/design reinforcing
  • Steel and concrete material models with performance levels (confined and unconfined)
  • Material strain as performance measure for D/C ratios
  • Automated generalized displacement constraints for strain evaluation
  • Several new hysteresis options for nonlinear hinges
  • Options for hysteretic stiffness and strength degradation
  • Output averaging of responses over several time history runs
  • Quasi-static (Dyanmic) option for Static Pushover analysis of complex models
  • D/C ratio plots and tables for fast performance evaluation
  •  Automated Bucking Restrained Brace (BRB) modeling (Star Seismic)
  • Friction-spring hysteretic damper and Bilinear Maxwell oil damper property



New Graphical User Interface

  •  Fast DirectX graphics with full display, drafting and selection capability.
  • Customization of toolbar and shortcut keys.

New Advanced Modeling Options

  •  FSpectral matching of time history functions
  • Generation of artificial earthquakes using spectral matching
  • Multiple mass sources for nonlinear analysis
  • Modification of geometry by mode shapes for imperfection analysis




New International Frame Design Codes

  • Composite Beam Design - Enhanced User’s Interface
  • Composite Frame Design - Canadian CSA S16-14
  • Concrete Frame Design - ACI 318-14, CSA A23.3-14, and KBC 2009
  • Steel Frame Design - CSA S16-14, and KBC 2009

New International Shear Wall Design Codes

  • Design Codes: ACI 318-14, CSA A23.3-14, and KBC 2009

New International Loading Specifications

  • Automated response-spectrum functions for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela


Enhanced Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Additional API support for design data and results
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